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    Basic properties

    Very high mechanical resistance (wear, abrasion…)
    This ceramic represents a perfect substitute for sapphire, with lower price.
    High temperature resistance > 1200°c.
    Perfectly dense material.
    High RIT in the visible, UV and IR (such as sapphire and quartz).
    Machinable with high precision
    No open porosity


    Balistic Armor windows
    Missile domes
    Transparent watch body
    Security windows
    High pressure windows
    High temperature windows
    Wear resistance windows

    Specifications :
    Diameter tolerances: +0.0/-0.1mm
    Thickness tolerances: ±0.2mm
    Transparency: >80%
    Parallelism: <3’ Frontwave dispersion: λ per 25mm at 632nm Bevel: <0.35mm ×45º


    Available standard dimensions :
    -Diam 25 x ép. 3 mm
    -Diam 30 x ép. 2 mm
    -Diam 50 x ép. 5 mm
    -Diam 76 x ép. 3 mm
    -Diam 100 x ép. 6 mm
    -Diam 150 x ép. 10 mm
    -Diam 200 x ép. 10 mm
    -Diam 100 x ép. 6 mm
    -Diam 150 x ép. 10 mm
    -Diam 200 x ép. 10 mm

    *These datas are for information purpose only. They do not engage SCERAM’s responsibility.

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