Advanced ceramics are used in all industries as they boast second-to-none properties:

  • Mechanical: resistance to wear, abrasion and compression, thanks to their extreme hardness.
  • Thermal: resistance to very high temperatures (up to 2,000°C).
  • Electrical: excellent electrical insulation, non-magnetic materials.
  • Chemical: chemical inertia, biocompatibility, leak-free in vacuum and ultra-vacuum.
  • Optical: certain transparent ceramics have exceptional optical properties (in visible, IR, or UV).

Technical ceramics are the ideal substitution for conventional materials when their limits of use are reached.

SCERAM proposes a comprehensive range of ceramics according to the technical requirements and applications involved.

Thanks to over thirty years of experience and its “materials/applications” vision, SCERAM can guide you to the suitable material.

We work with suppliers of certified materials. Our procurement sources enable us to have full control of the stability of the batches of materials, adhering to the rules of traceability and other international directives.

We have a full range of technical ceramics: Alumina C799, Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Infiltrated Carsic, RecrystalisedCarsic 99%, Transparent ceramic, Cordierite, Graphite, Macor, Mullite C60, Porous mullite C530, Boron Nitride, Silicon Nitride, Aluminium Nitride, Zirconium Oxide, Pyrex, Pyrophyllite, Quartz, Sapphire, Shapal, Sialon, Silicon Steatite, Vitroceram, Vycor, etc.

Comparative Tables of Materials


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