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    Basic properties

    Good electrical insulator
    Low dielectric loss
    Resists to chemicals
    Stability and precision of shapes
    Resistant to high temperature
    Excellent resistance to deep vacuum
    Good resistance to thermal shock
    Very low thermal expansion when heated to 1050°C


    Electrical engineering
    Scientific research
    Prototype parts and small series of insulating parts
    Used to make small laboratories furnaces
    Wear parts (sanding tubes, casting nozzles
    MIG and TIG welding nozzle
    Plasma nozzles
    Welding assemble support and positionning templates

    Pyrophillite is a natural rock carefully selected in quarries. Its chemical make-up is very close to traditionnal ceramics.
    This natural ceramic makes it possible to machine small parts at cold temperature and then to anneal them at 1050°c or 1300°c depending on usage conditions.

    Chemical composition: Red loss: 4.69%, SiO2 : 63.79%, Al2O3 : 27.83% ,TiO2 : 0.41%, Fe2O3 : 0.048%, CaO : 0.10%, K2O : 2.96%, Na2O : 0.25%

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