HexaBN® boron nitride has a hexagonal structure and a unique combination of chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our hexaBN® brand includes different grades : hexaBN-A, hexaBN-B, hexaBN-C, hexaBN-D and hexaBN-E which are detailed below.

hexaBN-A │ composition : BN>99.5%

– High purity materials BN>99.5%
– Binder less ceramic
– No react with metals
– Highest temperature (2300°C in inert)

hexaBN-C │composition : BN 60%+SiO2 40%

– Good thermal shock resistance
– Good corrosion resistance
– Creep resistance performances
– Extreme and exacting dielectric properties

hexaBN-E │ composition : BN 75 %+AIN 25%

– Higher hardness
– Good wear resistance
– High mechanical strength
– Thermal conductivity
– Used as gears offer a reliable driving performance

│ composition : BN99% Calcium borate

– Good thermal conductivity
– Thermal shock resistance
– Electrical insulation
– Mechanical properties

│ composition : BN+SiC+ZrO2

– Good chemical stability
– Good erosion resistibility
– Good thermal shock resistance

These values are given as an indication and do not engage the responsibility of SCERAM.

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