Tubes for furnaces and pyrometry


Tubes for furnaces and pyrometry

SCERAM, distributor of ceramic tubes and quartz tubes for furnaces for more than 40 years.
Large stock available and quick delivery for Alumina tubes, Mullite tubes (impervious and porous), and Quartz tubes.

We can provide small quantities, for the maintenance of laboratory furnaces or heat treatment furnaces, of tubes in high purity alumina (99,7%), and mullite C610.

Our Alumina 99,7% is certified for high vacuum furnaces with no degassing.

Please find, in this section, the lists of our standard ceramic tubes,  ceramic one-end closed tubes,  ceramic tubes with bores, and insulating beads.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific length. SCERAM cuts, on demand, at requested length.

Our ceramic tubes are produced by extrusion. Tolerances of diameters can vary depending on the sizes.
You can click here for tubes tolerances.


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